We are:

A team of experienced business leaders +


Supporting you on your journey to success with a mastermind group of like-minded achievers.


Training, tools, seminars, and more to help you achieve your goals.


Group and individual coaching to get and keep you on track to success.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Lionheart Resources

Home of the Entrepreneur.
We will continuously add value to your membership!

Mastermind Community

An engaged community of like-minded, supportive Lionhearts.
This is the heart of the pride.
Become a member today!

The Entrepreneurs Guild

An extension of our mastermind pride:
Promotional forums, member events, social promotion, podcast series, peer review groups (startups, novices, pros), affiliates.

Flawless Launch

Resources for successful launches:
Podcast series, “Mindset” book, training, “Tiger Tank”, and the online startup incubator.

Coaching & Advisory Services

A variety of advisory and accountability options – individual or group: Free consults, group events, support services, “Passage to Profit” (iHeart), “Blue Streak” directory.

Trusted Affiliates

Vetted professionals and resources expanding our already vast book of resources.

Training and Seminars

A suite of online and in-person training and seminars being developed for our pride.

Meet Our Founding Members

Providing decades of start-up, entrepreneurship and business expertise, enhanced by a premier network of successful business people.

Image of Robert Kwasnicki, founding member of Lionheart Founders Group
Robert Kwasnicki

(Marketing/Sales, Tech, NLP, Author)
About Rob

Image of Thom Stimpel, founding member of Lionheart Founders Group
Thom Stimpel

(Operations, Author)
About Thom

Image of Tom Fleury, founding member of Lionheart Founders Group
Tom Fleury

(Startups, Organization, Teams)
About Tom

Image of Paul Gelinas, founding member of Lionheart Founders Group
Paul Gelinas

(Funding, Sales, Networking)
About Paul

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